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Work Details

There's always something to do!

  • Additional Work Parties will be announced on our Facebook and Webpage.
  • Remember to log your volunteer hours in the range book!


  • info We have had some problems with broadhead use on our ranges. Please remember that broadheads cause extreme damage to our targets and must be used only on the dedicated broadhead range but no Toxic or Fire NHole coring broadheads! Do not use the paper target faces from the Field Range for the Broadhead range.
  • info Please glue the paper targets on cardboard before putting them out on the targets. This way they will last a lot longer. Throw the old paper target in the dumpster, don't just leave it at the target. Also, don't waste targets by putting one paper target on top of another.
  • info The 60 yard practice is only safe up to 60 yards - hence the name. Please use Field Range targets 5, 16 or 18 in case you want to shoot beyond 60 yards.
  • info Please sign into our Range Book as soon as you arrive. Range Book

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Order of the Golden Deer

Order Of The Golden Deer Plaque